Saturday, November 24, 2007

Visa's, visa's and visa's.

As Turkey doesn't make any progress with integration in the European Union, where it wants so desperately be a member of (while many Turks say they don't want to be a member as an answer to the growing resistance in Europe against Turkey as a member of the EU),
the ruling by the European Court of Justice, caused controversy in Turkey. And it continues.
Today, TÜGİAD called for action. Their points are made upon believe not on facts.
This week we had a business luncheon with the some Turkish newspapers guru's. Their complain was that most of their staff members cannot speak English, can not read it well, and interpret, what most of the time comes in by wire, wrong.
To make it short: as Turkey wants that their citizens can freely travel to Europe, it has to change its attitude, since it looks like that the EU is always wrong and Turkey is always right.
To give you a full insight about Turkish citizens rights in Europe, please read the following thesis made by a Turkish PhD student.
For people who are unaware about current EU legislation, by December 21, the EU labor market for some countries such as Poland, will be open. More than 2 1/2 years after they formally joined the EU. Why should the EU give a privileged status to Turkey when it failed to implement agreement after agreement. And let the Generals do their dirty business.
Read the complete report here.


Gunther said...

As a former Turkish citizen (I moved back to Germany with my Turkish wife in November, but still a regular guest in Turkey) the requirements and demands some bloggers made here are simple: b.shit.
Turkish business people can get easily a visa, if there business intention are right. And a work permit will be granted easily. Whilst Turkey ask for ridicolous amounts of money of foreigners as a resident, without any chance on a work permit, even if they invest.
Some journalist in Turkey have to do a better job and stop acting as babies, and stop lying.

Valerie said...

With all the anti French talk, I can not even dream of a Turkey in the EU.
Turks are not a superior race, which they show time over time.
What a waste of time.

Dimitris said...

Turkey belongs in the EU, but definetely they have to change their attitude. They play always the role of victim, which doesn't make sense.

Tufan said...

Turkey with its attitude, has to change its rethoric, and clean up their own house first.