Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Turkish Stars

Our friend Murat of American Turk, like to post pictures of the almighty Turkish army. Especially those guys in the air...

Here we see the fastest Turkish jets (...) as shown on the Open day of the Dutch royal air forces in June of this year. They called the Turks: experienced and handsome fight pilots..))
The Dutch government decided this week Monday to get rid off the F-16, since they are out of date. The newest toy is the F-35.
The Chief-in-command of the Dutch army is...Crown Prince Alexander, something different than a General..


Tufan said...

I never felt comfortable with militarisme in Turkey, doubt even the neccesity of such a big conventional army. But it seems it keep the Turkish mood 'proud'.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Turkey should try entering the EU via a military operation . . .

It might be quicker and less costly, and would save many lives or souls.


mirdifderya said...

As I live close by Airport we have Dubai Air show last 3 days and will go on for another 4 more days. It has been noisy as you guess.

2 Turkish Companies joining the Air show this year, good to see all Turkish Acrobat team here. The sky is all colorful and different shapes at the moment:))

Hans said...

THAT's the solution, and let all these retired generals take place in the EU parliament, that will be fun. While celebrating their victory, the Russians can take over Turkey..)))
Derya, I saw some air shows where Metin is residing now..))

Geert Jan Keutelaer said...

Metin, a while ago I saw a picture of fighting Turkish politicians.
That is exactly what we need in the EU, but leave the guns in Turkey...

Anonymous said...

LOL geert . . . . !!!!!

Hans . . . You do need to revisit 'here.' I've been here 11 years and it's been 11 years that the base has been 'closed.' It is now a 'Great Park.' And you must be talking about Irvine.

You see . . . although Irvine and Newport (locals don't refer to it as Newport Beach - because there's Newport Coast - brand new city, as well as Newport Harbor) are neighbors, but they are neighbors like Greece and Turkey are neighbors, at odds with each other.

Besides, in Newport, there are ordinances for air 'noise' pollution now . . for those 'residents' of high society.

Even at John Wayne airport planes cannot take off inland, they need to take off toward the ocean almost at 90 degrees, and shut engines off at 1000 feet until they are over the Pacific, then turn engines back on, and then make a u-turn and fly over Newport.

It adds an additional 15 minutes to the flight path, not to mention the scary take offs . . . the pilots will remind the passengers each and every time about this 'special' takeoff mode reserved only for Newport.

So you see . . . we have our own air show now. And we're part of it . . .

Anonymous said...


By the way, we should have televised sword fight duels, as well as greco-roman wrestling matches between leaders of the EU community. You see . . . Nothing below the belt when it comes to politics.

Winner take all . . .

Hans said...

Metin, Geert,
I recommend that all the current mp's of the EU parliament start studying the koran, to avoid that a Turkish mp get insulted, and they get insulted very easily...)))
Also I would introduce the word Turkishness to the Oxford dictionary, and make courses in Turkishness compulsory for all 'foreign' mp's of the EU..)))

Geert Jan Keutelaer said...

Metin, you are a funny guy. We need people like you here in Amsterdam..))
Another development, when Turkey's MP's will place their asses on the Holy Pluche of the EU parliament, can be mass demonstrations. You have to know that Brussels is boring (besides the exquise beer, the fine ladies, delicious cuisine), nothing really happens there: not in and out the parliament. I propose that we start hacking their server, hire private investigators what the MP's are really doing etc. And we can make great pictures, enough for a lively interactive fun channel about the EU and the States. What do you think?..))

Anonymous said...


Thanks. I promise I won't hold that comment against you.


I've created 3 reality TV shows already. Maybe this proposed one might actually make it to one of the more popular networks. FOX comes to mind.

We could call it 'dancing with the politicians.'

And each week, we get to vote off and send the loser to exile island . . . with weekly conjugation visit by Hillary as punishment.

Geert Jan Keutelaer said...

Metin, I also promise you that everything you write here will keep between the two of us..))
If you need a visa, we will help you out, but you have to adapt to Dutch night life. At the moment I am with some friends at Hoppe, Spui, Amsterdam, You wizzard will find that place easily.
Hans is a good guy, with a lot of stories, so we have: Erick, Martijn, Jan-Kees, Elise, Esther, Janine and me....)))
We all agree on one thing: you never can talk turkey or talk dutch Hans under the table, irritating?! Yes. But Hans: we LOVEEEEEE you, kisses of Joyce (the only sober hard working person at the moment). heheheh