Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some facts about me....and you

Super hero, here some facts about me, as you tagged me. I will ask for disclosure of some other bloggers' as well.)):

1) Born anarchist. Turned to be a social-liberal-democrat. Anti-nationalist. But still in love with Bakunin and George Moustaki.

2) Tall, thin, but you can feel my thoughts.

3) Studied for nothing. Law, philosophy, and drama/movies (UCI) made me escape in the world of Peter Stuyvesant and Martini: advertisement.

4) Making ads was not what I wanted and changed to PR; ended up as a communication manager but still can not talk Turkish.

5) Married at the age of 45 at Ciragan Palace. After 9 failed relations. Now happy with a non-typical Turkish spouse.

6) Born in the Netherlands, but made in Italy. Best friends in Holland: male from Iran, female from Suriname. Best friends in Turkey: male from France, female from Turkey but lives in Greece. Best friend in the USA: male from Holland, a female of Jewish Italian heritage.

7) I love to discover cultures and languages, but allergic to dogmatism. Traveller, open mind, but for some people still narrow minded.

And her I go to tag some others, only them with a blog:




kathryn merteuil said...

does it have to be 7 really=?

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Do you want your fiancee included..)))

Anonymous said...

Hmm, let me think about this. I'll come up with seven things after the weekend.

Geert Jan Keutelaer said...

Hans, 9 failed relations? I thought there were more relations..))
He, I am not your best friend anymore..(((

Dimitris said...

Thanks for thee update about your personality Hans..))

Tufan said...

Interesting life you have so far.
The last months for me are pretty unusual as well: getting engaged, planned to marry, and all with my beloved girlfriend, who is Armenian. Yes, she is born in yerevan, and moved to CA on the age of 20.
We both think that we created a historical meeting with Thanksgiving. We celebrated it on the same way as many others. And we had great conversations and discussions. And we agreed and disagreed. But we respect at least, that we are all humans, and desperate in need to live with each other. The diner table was full with people from Yerevan, 12, and me and my brother as 'Turks'.
But it was a splendid night, full of love.
Thanks for reading.

mirdifderya said...

well I have think about 7 real facts about myself now?:)

mirdifderya said...

I have puplished and taged in my blog as well. you can find 7 facts about me:)

Bea said...

Well, I guess I know what tagged means now! Since I have been too busy to write on my articles much the past couple of weeks, I will post something about me, although anyone who wants to know can read my bio. Thanks, Hans.