Monday, November 19, 2007

Saga of the Armenian Genocide Dispute

Please find below Bea's last article in Arabisto.

Saga of the Armenian Genocide Dispute: Turkey and Armenia at the Crossroads of 1915

November 17, 2007

Let revelations begin, any takers? The pursuit of truth calls on strong moral and ethical values when it comes to gathering both Turkish and Armenian historians, academicians and experts to assess the tender subject of Armenian Genocide. The question remains unclear whether or not the 1915 Armenian Genocide is an undisputed fact or a tr tragic consequence of war claiming up to 1.5 million lives.

Since 2005, the ruling Turkish PM Erdogan and President Gul have offered
open archives for scholars or historians willing to partner for the benefit of both countries. As yet, the research alliance has not materialized with any takers. I wonder what leaders will emerge ready to step into this darkness.
Why would anyone not want a partnership to explore the history of the past and heal the wounds of those who suffered? When
prejudice prevails among nations, all lose part of their humanity. How can we find peace among nations when cut-off communication tells another story? Healing and understanding together could bridge two peoples who share so much history and offer great business possibilities.
When searching online for credible knowledge about the Armenian Genocide, one must discern fact from fiction and truth from propaganda. Not an easy task and one best left to the experts on each side.
To help in this feat are the Ottoman archives in Turkey, Armenian archives in Yerevan, Armenian Revolutionary Federation and the Armenia Republic Delegation Archives in Boston plus
British and American National Archives. This would be a good start for experts to peruse the annals of time.
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Anonymous said...

I love the recent and so fashionable obsession that 'foreigners,' who are complaining about harassment, and 'dissatisfied' with Turkey, have lately with the 'G' word and its interpretation.

Don't take it personally Bea!


Adding fuel to the fire of nationalists' agenda . . .

Geert Jan Keutelaer said...

Why not sick to the topic Metin.
Is that too much too asked?.)

Also I think that you confuse someone's serieus writing with that of your sensational news sources. FOX? or ABC?
Let me convert your sentence in the following:
Why calling someone a 'foreigner' in Turkey and describe your self as an American altough born and raised in Turkey and who complains 'for Turks' in Europe who are considered as 'co-citizens' of these countries? We are not talking about double standards here but about schizofrene ideas about countries where you never have been and probably never will be..))
What I understand of Bea, she must be in your homeland for a long time...
Adding fuel to Turkey's bid..))

Anonymous said...


Did I touch a nerve?

I am not the one that calls herself a 'foreigner.'

She addresses herself as a foreigner when she addresses that there's harassment against foreigners, and that she's one of them.

Maybe that's the problem. Maybe assimilation and/or integration is the key.

And maybe we should allow her to respond . . . and to speak for herself . . .

And btw, I wasn't raised in Turkey. I was born there. Turkey wouldn't be capable of raising someone like me . . .


And how did you know I hated the BBC, and adore FOX!!! You might want to check to see who controls the world media . . . Hint: It ain't the Dutch . . .


Geert Jan Keutelaer said...

Holy Cow,
Just got my diner, and who is there: Sir Metin..))
Nerves? Which ones? I don't have feelings anymore since married.....(don't tell, don't tell..))
I completely agree, Turkey can not handle you. BUT I can...))
Controls the media? You watch Big Brother and all that crab, concepts made in Der Niederlanden meine Frunde..))

Dimitris said...

Gentlemen, I have problems to follow you guys on this serieus topic.
Bea, great article. Good style, and well documented. Most of us can make their minds up accordingly.
Read also several other articles of you on Arabisto. Must say: honest writing, good observations.
The comments here are flying into my computer...nice...but takes times since I lost the clue on several subjects.

Anonymous said...


I don't just watch that crap, I work with them. If it wasn't for the dollars I find, you guys wouldn't have anything (real) to watch . . .

What're you having for dinner? Hopefully no 'french' fries . . . too much fat . . .


Let's stick to subjects that unite us, and not divide us to cause polarization. So do you think Greece and Turkey will fare well in Euro2008? and what about the Dutch?

Tufan said...

Indeed a balanced opinion Bea.
Good research. But where we will stand next year. I personal think that there will be no open joint committee. Simple as long as art 301 is there out. I see this joint commission as a PR stunt. The TR uner Yilmaz did the same: in the end no open achieves. Sorry to say that about my fellow country men.

Geert Jan Keutelaer said...

I know that Americans are not used to 'different' names, that makes everything: JJ, BJ, CH, Junior 1 etc. But my name is Geert Jan...please remember that...))
My diner was Yankee on the BBQ, with Hot Arizona Sauze and slice ananas from CA, to please you...
While sticking that peace of Yankee on the BBQ I was all the time thinking about you..))
Can I offer you some tough Ketelbinki when you are here. Just called my old friend Hans, and he told me that you in fact Love the Dutch...))) Yes we are peaceful people..)) You?

Gunther said...

Gentlemen, are we not a little bit off-topic. Bea wrote an excellent piece.
Could not sleep with the ongoing drum of comments here...)
Smile and be happy..))