Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Palm in Dubai

As I am working in Palm now with Individual Property Management with one of well known Real estate and property management company here in Dubai.

I can see how much work has been done in Palm, and still under contraction. There is lots of work has to be done and still continuing. I have to drive with big pumper trucks, vans and dirt road everyday.

I remember first time when they launched the projects it is the first and only man made island, then other projects are added like: The World, Jebel Ali Palm and The Palm Deira and as well as Dubai Waterfront projects.

It is not easy to access to the Palm, you need to get Car access card which takes about a week to get. I guess there have a reason as there is lots of important clients all over the world bought and buys property from here. As well as contraction still on for safety reason they need to be careful. There will be Houses, apartment blocks, Hotels, Aqua Parks as well as famous Trump Tower:)


Hans said...

congratulations with your job Derya!

Taras said...

You have a very interesting, culturally savvy, and popular blog, Derya!:)

I found your blog by tracing Myrthe’s recent comment at Neeka's Backlog.

Btw, here's a blog by a native of Kyiv, Ukraine (which is my native city as well), who lives in Dubai.

Jess said...


keep up the good work -- I find your stuff really interesting!

mirdifderya said...

Thank you Taras, I have very good friend of mine as well from Ukraine, she lives in Emirates Hills in Dubai:))

mirdifderya said...

Thank you Jess, keep reading us:)