Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Time to take a stand

Things are slowly starting to return to normal following the recent Greek elections. As predicted the governing party New Democracy was returned to power and newcomers LA.O.S entered parliament, where they quickly offered their support to ND in electing the house speaker.
While everyone has been talking about why the losers lost, gone virtually unnoticed is the effect these elections have had on ND.

Problems with primary school text book.

For over a year the government had been backing a new primary school book which did not continue old nation building myths (common to many countries and which could be said fanatacised children) and education by repetition. Instead, the schoolbook (funded by the EU) was in line with a pan European education system that encouraged free thought and constructive criticism (and peaceful relations with its neighbours). The book was widely criticised by the pseudo-nationalist elements in Greece, such as LA.O.S and the Church. During the election the education minister lost her seat. Despite winning the election overall the government has instead listened to its racist elements in its party such as Nomarch of Thessaloniki, Mr Psomiades, the bishop of Thessaloniki and LA.O.S, and withdrawn the schoolbook and sent it to be pulped.

The only people protesting this is the small left wing party SYRIZA. They are the only ones in the media protesting the involvement of the church in dictating the education of our children. Meanwhile the foreign minister Dora Bakogianni is talking about the environment.
Not to denigrate green issues, but, if she wants to better relations with Turkey she, and not the small parties, should be at the forefront of defending the schoolbook, in the same way the former minister did. Because sometimes we have to do what is best for the country and not what ensures our re-election.


Hans said...

Great article, they must offer you one day a column in Turkey!..))

Tufan said...

I enjoy your point of view, and enjoying your postings here.