Monday, October 01, 2007

EU, Schengen, and some idiots in Cyprus

Turkish Foreign ministry makes it also clear: visa is still required.
That especially Turkey has to deal with suspicious immigration- and custom officers is also related to the following.
Last week, a former high ranked official (2000-2006) of the Dutch Immigration Office published a book. Turkish people were allowed under a special law to get their spouses, husbands etc. over. After three years this person got a permanent residency and work permit. But what happened, after three years the couples divorced and announced that they planned to marry again with an other. So one person was able to get 8 people a residency etc. Clearly misusing the system.

Now last week, the State Secretary of Justice, announced a general pardon for 30.000 asylum seekers and illegal 'stranded' people. Only those with a criminal past or those who repeatedly lied about their identity will be sent back. There were so many cases pending which was a burden for all the courts in the Netherlands.

That Turkish doctors and dentists can not practice their profession in the Netherlands is normal; there is a well regulated health system, and contact between patient and caretaker must be in Dutch. If they learn Dutch, they still have to go through all kinds of tests.

For journalists the restrictions are tough, too. Just 10 days ago a Turkish friend, who happens to be a journalist and writer as well, asked me to help her/him with a Schengen visa. Since he/she travels at least once a month on invitation to different EU countries, she/he became so tired to get all the time a new visa. But I could not help. Next to that, a Schengen visa is not always, but in general, valid for all the EU member states.
Let me give you an example: Cyprus, the Southern part didn't sign the Schengen Acquis until last year. I was in the northern part with my wife, and wanted to go to the southern part. What happened on the Green Zone, is the most disturbing cross border experience for me, and I crossed a lot of borders. First, I have a Dutch/European passport. But since it was issued in Istanbul they started questioning me where I lived etc. I said: 'in Amsterdam and Istanbul, and none of your business' - my blood was already boiling. Anyway, they could not deny me access. Then, my wife showed her passport with her Schengen visa. They didn't allow her in. I started to make a scene and 'their boss' came over. He saw the fire in my eyes! Okay, he went into his office and started talking for 15 minutes. Came back, took me apart and said: 'I am sorry, you are right'. I told him to off, and we walked over the border, drank a cola and walked back and made pictures of the guys (not allowed..) but I was very quickly northern Cyprus: safe.


Bertus Pieters said...

Hi Hans,
The General Pardon was already announced by mrs. Albayrak last spring. And quite a few asylumseekers have been given a permit already.
By the way, these permits will only be given to people who asked for asylum, not to any other 'stranded' people.


Hans said...

Thanks Bertus,
Not have been in NL since May, but will start touring again to the Low Lands.
What is in Dutch the difference between stranded and asylum seekers.
I don't know it anymore..((
How was your holiday?
You know that of 5th of October Turkish bloggers will participate in on line discussion?

Anonymous said...

Traveled to Cyprus to drink some coca cola?

Well known that the Greeks are Asian barbaric beasts harassing the poor indigenous Turks and their Dutch friends!

Nice done Hans!

You should be thankful that we have the beasts now in EU, otherwise they would have given you the Midnight Express treatment based on article 301!

Hans said...

Did I mentioned that the Greeks are barbarians?
2 weeks before we went to Cyprus, we had no problems to go to Greece.
Its only a fact that the G. Cypriots are a little weird, acting lately, since they are granted EU member ship.

Maybe you can built a statue about the most brutal dictator ship after ww II, in your garden? That one of Papadopoulos.
Time to get rid of your past.

Bertus Pieters said...

Hans, awful comments you get sometimes on your blog! People who misinterpret your entries seemingly on purpose. Well, living in Istanbul you are probably used to it. People who think the world is one big plot against Turkey etc. (And quite a lot of plots there are against different nations in the world, now I’m coming to think of it!)

The General Pardon is meant for people who initially asked for asylum in the Netherlands before 1 April 2001. So it is not for people who asked for any other stay permit (work, education, health, etc.). Although many of these asylum seekers asked for different stay permits after their requests for asylum were rejected.

However the General Pardon is not for (half) illegal Turks or Moroccans. So that problem won’t be solved. Turks living in the Netherlands more or less illegally cannot benefit from it. Except for a few who asked for asylum before 1 April 2001, mainly Kurds.

And indeed, with a stay permit you can ask for family reunification. Whether the regulations have been misused in such a gross way as is alleged by the former IND (Immigration Authority) official I don’t know. Since the former official is an MP for Mr. Wilders’s party I prefer to take these allegations with a pinch of salt. I developed quite an allergy against anything coming from Mr. Wilders’s party. They tend to think the whole outer world is plotting against the Netherlands. Where did I hear that before?

Yes my trip Zambia was great! I am planning a short series about it on my blog. Which of course will be in Dutch.


PS. Compliments to your co authors! They are an enrichment to the blog!

... said...

that barbaric Greeks. always genociding the few civilized Turks!