Friday, September 21, 2007

Throwing a minister a pie on the face and article 301...

Okay, I admit that we Dutch don't have that kind of respect for authority, especially not politicians, but also not the police forces. And the army? Never seen them. But we have an expression in the Netherlands which goes like: 'Of course we must obey the law, but the law applies only to our neighbors'...Hope you get it.
For politicians we don't like, we express that in a human and funny way: we throw them a pie on the face. Picture above is of Pim Fortuyn during his book presentation, where he got not one, not two, but three cakes on his face.

And during the World climate change conference in the Netherlands the leader of the American delegation, Frank Loy, got a nice cake full of whipped cream on his face... At least he tried to smile. Ah you get used to it..))

But also our Belgian friends know how to deal with this popular phenomenon: here the Flemish Minister for Environment, Kris Peeters, gets one.
It takes only some minutes to clean up the face and change the suit..))

So now, when, for example PM Erdogan gets a cake on his face, will the cake thrower get the electronic chair? I say this because since a Turkish student refused to shake hands (only women can refuse to shake hands under Sharia law..)) with the Turkish minister of Health Recep Akdağ, he spent already 5 days in jail and faces up to 2 years imprisonment.Why?
The student, Durmuş Şahin refused to shake hands with him and they had a 'cozy' conversation:
I don't shake the hand of a person who rules but does nothing for the good of the country”, and: “I don't shake the hands of traitors.” to which Akdağ responded: “You are the traitor. Your mother, father and whole family are traitors.” It is also claimed that two friends of Şahin that are tried for “openly insulting a public official,” said: “What is this ignoble person saying?” according to CNN Türk. And: “I am a Muslim Turkish child, you are a minister. How can you speak like that?”.
He is now facing a prison term of between six months to two years for violating article 301 of the Turkish penal code. So don't throw cakes to ministers and other saints in Turkey...

World famous pie attacks have taken place throughout the world, and claimed such illustrious victims as Microsoft's Bill Gates, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, former European Commission President Jacques Delors and Dutch Finance Minister Gerrit Zalm, who was last year felled by an organic banana pie at the opening of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

The most active pie throwers are: The Biotic Baking Brigade and Mad Anarchist Bakers' League in the U.S., The Meringue Marauders in Canada, T.A.A.R.T. in Holland and People Insurgent Everywhere (PIE) in the UK.


Anonymous said...

Dont forget 'Les Entartistes' in Canada:

Sean Jeating said...

Well, rather than throwing a delicious tort at the face of any politician, I should eat it. Okay, share it with dear friends. :)

But this would not stop us to call an idiot an idiot, would it?

By the way, why would there be prisons inside a loony bin?

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

do you think they throw fresh tarts Sean..)))
oh no....

Sean Jeating said...

In this case, I should not raise objections . . .

Anyway, it is not nice eating tortes not in time. :)

Michael van der Galiën said...

As I commented at my own blog:
This is not just fascinating, this is ludicrous. Turkey’s art. 301 is (in)famous not just in Turkey, but throughout the world, albeit especially in Europe. European countries want Turkey to drop this article before it’ll be allowed to join the EU. Some people wonder why, well, the case mentioned above is evidence enough of art. 301’s idiocy.

I love Turkey and I love the Turkish people, but this is ludicrous. If Turkey wants to join modern countries, it must get rid of ridiculous laws and excessive punishments like this.

First is blocked now this. Nice.

Tufan said...

Hans & others:

I am left handed, where can I follow a course in this?
I will bake fresh cakes, pastries, tarts etc. But I want to know:
1) how to throw?
2) which pie is the most effective?
3) I want to apply for full membership of Anonymus his organisation..))

Cem said...

Me too!!!
I am right handed and quick..))
Throwing cakes is better than firing bullets!

sincerae said...

I love Turkey and the Turkish people too, but I have lost patience with draconian laws and just the general atmosphere of falsehood. I know life is hard for a lot of Turkish people, and perhaps there is a need for fantasy and escape on a lot of levels, but the excessive lies, coverups, and corruption needs to stop. We have some of the same in my country (USA), but what I am seeing here in Turkey reaches a whole new level. Scary!

Hans said...

Dear Sincerae,
As the government set the benchmrk, the country follows...