Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Ruling

Had a battle on this blog about the heading: Turks don't need EU visa's anymore.
Anyway, this person is going on and on.
I can tell from own experiences that it is not so simple as he now is saying that in fact everybody can start up a business all around the EU. Let me give one example: I went with Turkish top orthodontists to the Netherlands to look for possibilities to establish a practice there. The EU ruling in this is simple: you have to learn the language of the country where you want to practice.
The ruling of the ECJ is in fact very simple and can be read here.

If you want the full arrest, take a look at this, and you have to read only the points 50, 54 and 57. The funny thing of the whole ruling is that the European Commission supported Veli Tum and Mehmet Dari, the two Turkish nationals. Since they want to uphold the European treaties.
The main goal of Ankara agreement (and additional protocol): integration of Turkey in Europe. With the acquis communautaire as binding factor. The chapter free movement of persons is not even opened for Turkey.


Anonymous said...

this clear. no 1% doubt about your arguments.

Anonymous said...

I think the point of the argument got lost in the argument itself.


Hans said...

hehe, maybe, but this is the naked truth...))
btw, I never heard in my 5 years in Turkey that a schengen visa was denied...

Sean Jeating said...

Hm, I read the complete "diplomatic correspondence".

My first thought: [Wouldn't tell, because I promised myself not to swear when blogging and commenting)

Second thought (irony I did not forbid myself): This could be the beginning of a wonderful friendship!

Third thought: Either, both they change their style, or they should stop communicating.
Ignoring co-existence (in such a case) is better than such a form of dialogue.

Conclusion: Metin hit the point.

Or am I completely wrong?

The Peace of the Night. :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, for the sake of the children, divorce is not necessarily a bad thing.

Thanks Sean!

Hans said...

therefore, I stopped communicating over there...)))
yes, Metin has a point. But I get dragged all the time into irrational and personal reprimandes..((

sincerae said...

Is Turkey going to make it easier for foreigners who live here to open businesses? I worked with two people, one American, the other Iranian, who have lived here for several years and who want to start businesses. They both feel they are trapped into teaching English at language schools and are unable to pursue their passion for business. The American has a residence permit, but no work permit. She is currently in litigation because she did have a Turkish business partner once, but he cheated her. I don't know for sure what my Iranian friend has.

Both of these people are frustrated with the system here, and feel they are wasting away. Why should some Turks think that Europe would be so liberal with them about granting living and work permits when they are not to foreign nationals here? This seems like a doubt standard to me.

But maybe I am green. And it's not easy being green:))

Hans said...

Dear Sincerae,
Can you you tons of stories, about how difficult it is.
The AKP made it easier but still far away from 'normal' standards.
I just brought A German company to Turkey and only setting up an Ltd. take months anad months...
We The Dutch have a strong business etwork, and community, helping ech other out. American friends are always telling me that they don't have any gahering at all.
WE at least 3 a month, with Turkish business people/scientist etc..))
THe whole story about this visa is a tale.

super hero said...

i didnt actually follow the debate on emre's blog because it seemed like getting ugly and out of the focus too quick.

what you are missing about emre's post is, it is just a news and he is only transmitting it. emre is actually talking about future possibilities and showing a way for those who want to follow that track. this doesnt mean that the visas will be overruled just tomorrow morning. it is only a possible process to be followed and i dont know why there is such a fuss about it.

Hans said...

dear SH, yes, it became ugly. But twice putting the heading 'no visa's necessary' anymore. Which will give false hope. And literally saying that you can now to eu borders and file for ecj.
And dragging me into discussion 'about racism' is not nice. Anyway, yesterday it became clear and just posted the article of today about this issue here.
hopes this will clear up.

Anonymous said...

You're expecting a 'blogger' to not sensationalize his or her heading for a posting??

How many times have I caught the traditional media in Turkey (i.e. Hurriyet) capitalizing on false and misleading headers when reporting a story from the U.S., in many cases that I was a part of, just to increase their eye clicks.

Hans said...

I avoided my whole life the sensational press. Altough I sometimes had to deal with them, in Turkey as well.
If a blogger writes that Bill Gates established APPLE, and this blogger means it, do you take him or her serieus?
Its all about ethics.