Saturday, September 08, 2007

Nothing new under the South European Sun

This kind of pictures scares the hell out of me. I thought that we were living in the 21st century. Fanaticism is still 'acceptable' in Turkey, sorry to say that.

Xenophobia on the rise among Turks, say experts. Read
here the story.
But also in Greece, nationalism is gaining ground. Which doesn't promise good things for the future. I still get upset when I see ultra-nationalistic groups such as
this, preaching hate.

here the story why Greek nationalists are doing well in the polls.

This part of the world can do much better if they settle their disputes. And we have to understand that (ultra) nationalism is a disease.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hans,

I haven't figured you out yet. You say you want Greeks and Turks to come together and settle their differences, Yet you provide a platform to display these types of posts to continue the incite of hate just merely by appealing to the weak at heart to ignite those flames of anger. What gives?

I understand we can't dismiss what's happening but shouldn't we instead concentrate on stories that favor unity and highlight those types of activities to encourage these two peoples to come together.

God only knows there's enough of this garbage nationalism which does not necessarily represent the voice of all Turks and Greeks, but they are the loudest.

Same tactics the Islamic radicals use . . .

Hans said...

Dear Metin,
I changed the heading, which covers more what I want to say...
The flu is killing me..(((
Could not meet American Turk today..)))

Anonymous said...

hey I referred to you in my latest post. i had the flu all last week. must've passed it to you.

too bad u didn't get a chance to meet with Murat.

feel better!


Hans said...

saw it Metin, interesting posting btw..)

traveller one said...

I believe the root of racism/fanaticism/extreme nationalsm (in fact probably most types of isms) is FEAR. We fear losing what we are comfortable with, what we understand and what we believe is right. And we fear everything that we do not know or understand. So the answer to it all is education and dialogue. The person who we know as a friend is much less of a threat to our lives.