Monday, August 06, 2007

My friend

This is Sandra Singh, a dear friend of mine. Born in the Netherlands.
Actress, model, and friend. And soon working in PR as well. She finally knows what her destination is..))
Scared to death to take a trip from Amsterdam to Istanbul? Why? Paranoid to get kidnapped...
She is Hindu, vegetarian, not into alcohol or smoking, but likes to party (is that compatible? yes, it is)
After her boyfriend, acting and modeling, her favorite activities are: drinking a cup of coffee in Antwerpen or having dinner with me..)
Picture made by Stefan Duursma.


mirdifderya said...

She looks gorgeous, but is she only paranoid to get kidnapped between Amsterdam to Istanbul trip? If so has she visited India Recently?

Hans said...

Derya, I was making a joke..))
She has a lot of Turkish friends in the Netherlands. But don't write that she is gorgeous, she will walk next to her shoes what we say in the Netherlands..))