Friday, August 24, 2007

Adnan Oktar, Intelligent Design and Wordpress

Charismatic? Yes.
Lust for Money and Power? Yes.

Adnan Oktar, the Turkish cult leader, thinks that he knows what Intelligent Design means, or 'Creationism'.

Through the ages many of these cult leaders appeared and disappeared, over and over again. You can recognize these fake 'prophets' by 3 things:
'Their Lust for sex';
'Their Lust for Money';
and 'Their Lust for Power'.

Always they turned out to be fake. Go to the Southern Belt of the USA, the Amazon in Brazil, Haiti, Philippines and so on.

Besides this, they always change history according to their own interpretations and are using religions for their benefits. In this case Adnan Oktar is using Islam in his fight with all kinds of religions: and with a little knowledge he explains the whole world.

For him and his followers, Intelligent Design (ID) is something new...but it is as old as Rome. Only it had a different the Greeks already made a link between the Universe and Mankind...

Following these cults for 30 years, I am astonished how many of them can freely operate in countries like the USA, Brazil, and in Turkey. But more astonishing is how they can influence the legal systems. See how wordpress was shut down.

First of all: ID is dealing with 'conscience science', introduced a long, long time ago.
Adnan Oktar and his followers need first some lessons in philology.

Regarding the law ban on wordpress: it's only the defendant who can do something.

Regarding A.O. and anti-Semitism; there is the ECHR ...

A.O. acts in a grey area of the law...but I would like to face him in a live debate!


Nihat said...

Has there been any substantial reportage on this WordPress ban in Turkish mainstream media yet? Who was the defendant in the case? Was there a defense at all? Or was it a case of "here, there is libel or false claims against me; this is the media vehicle through which it is published; please block its dissemination in Turkey." Did anybody argue there wasn't libel/false claims? Did anybody bring to the court's attention some million other WordPress blogs not about Adnan Oktar?

Is Turkish media going to fail this test also, and report about the case after seeing what the world says/writes about it (rather, report about what the world says/writes about it)?

Hans said...

only sabah and dunya published something.
no debate.
as wordpress got a letter of the accuser his lawyer, they are the defendants.
i think this can go on forever...

Sean Jeating said...

Radikal, TDN and Zaman could know - in case my emails did not vanish in the orcus of cyber space.
There has not been any reply, yet.
Same for different well-known media in Europe and the US of A.

Quite strange, all this.

Hans said...

Wordpress is an open source. In fact difficult to handle. Legal wise.

Nihat said...

Hans, it is not clear if WordPress was served to appear in court. Oktar's Attorneys' letter to WordPress appears to be after the fact (i.e., after the court-ordered ban).

I don't think this has to go on forever. I think Turkey needs civil organizations to put some money where their mouth is. Isn't there in Turkey an affiliate or partner of the Free Speech Coalition, for example? On the one hand, you have groups like that of the so-called nationalist lawyers (Kerincsiz & Co.) which engage in knee-jerk litigation, often to the embarrassment of Turkish people at large. And on the other, you have a lot of whining, but no action, going on about such mis-advised court verdicts as this total WordPress ban. Isn't there any Turkish organization or group of people with time and money to apply to the appropriate court to reverse this verdict? They don't have to say anything about Oktar's allegations regarding the WordPress blogs he found libelous against his person. They just need to point to the million other innocent blogs blocked by this ban, and the technical possibility of selectively blocking the offending ones only.

Here is more of what I had to say on this issue at James's Place.

Hans said...

An Ombudsman is necessary, the EU is pushing or it. There people could complain...

Da Vinci said...

Adnan Oktar: The "Intelligent Design" Distraction