Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Austria never learned from its past

Yes, Vienna is well organized and beautiful. Its New Year's Concert is widely known. But politically, it never learned from its past.
After the 'welcomed Anschlu├č' in 1938 (Hitler was Austrian born), anti-Semitism never disappeared in the country of Strauss and Mozart. And it seems that now Turkey and the Turkish people are their targets.
As Emre put on his blog how Austria undermined Interpol's activities, it did the same with the EU in 2000 when it was diplomaticly isolated when Mr. Haider, a far right politician who won more than 25% of the popular vote in Austrians' 2000 elections, and created a turmoil in the EU. Parties who are flirting with fascism and racism are not welcome (be aware MHP).
In 2006 Austria took over the presidency of the EU. I never saw any positive contribution to the EU since they joined the club in 1995.
This article is symptomatic for Austria. And here is an observation of the EU-Austrian crisis in 2000.
Conclusion: Austria has problems with 'foreigners'. When I worked in Czech Republic (1999/2000), now an EU member as well, there were so tough restrictions for Czech people to cross the border with Austria. And in fact, nothing changed: Hungarians, Slovakians and Czechs are still not allowed to work there.
Racism is still a part of Austrian society.

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