Saturday, July 07, 2007

First impressions of Earth Live

Snoopy Dogg in Germany. He had fun. Obviously.

Linkedin Park, my favorite of the last year. A pity that they performed in Tokyo. Missed the show.

Shakira in Hamburg. Originally planned for Istanbul - which could not make it as host for this worldwide event. She was the opening act in Hamburg.


mirdifderya said...

She was in Dubai couple of Months ago, more than 25.000 people watched her, I didn't go, but they said organization was bad(people who brought her fault), parking was problem as they were doing the concert in middle of desert and she only stayed on the stage 1,5 hour and came to stage late ect. she didn't do any movements that she normaly does! As her being half labenese, lots of labenese fans were there. Thats why I didn't go!:)

Aurosmith was in Dubai 31th May, loved to go but it was steamy hot, couldn't handle hot weather with 25.000 fans..

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Have lived in Miami for 2 years, love the Latin culture.
Shakira is one of the few who are not that Americanised!