Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Since Turkey has intense relations....

...with Iran. I ask them politely to use their influence to stop the cruelty against their citizens. The photo above is about the stoning of Jafar Kiana on the 5th of July 2007. Not on the 4th of July, the National Holiday of their 'imaginary' Satan: the USA.

This is the top of a giant iceberg. As I see how both secularist Turkey (proud about the planned Nabucco pipeline) and the current Turkish government are selling themselves out for money to restore an 'Empire', believe me: this will never happen again.
As Turkey applied for the EU membership, the EU asked them to take human rights as their guideline. But that is interfering in Turkish internal affairs. Or not? A joke! Now one word pops up: hypocrites. Especially the AK party and CHP.

Explanation: While Russia proposed the Blue Stream pipeline (both the
Nabucco project and Blue Stream pipeline are in interest of Turkey, with the difference that the first includes Turkish 'brothers' in notorious states as Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Iran - please do not blog from there - you will be jailed and the guards will treat you like a flee, if you are still alive...) Turkey wants to get into this deal as soon as possible.
Right wing think tanks as
USAK/ISRO, staunch secularists, want to open the trade with Iran without any conditions. Hypocrite or not?
Fighting against moderate liberal Muslim party as the AK party and at the same time dealing with maybe the most cruel and theocratic regime on earth, the Iranian Islam Republic, makes me sick.
Take a look at the picture above...this is sadistic torture. If this is not enough for you, please look
at this.
The only Turkish 'body' who protested was Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But others are
not like that.
Make up your mind. And if you cannot, take a deep breath and a
look here.
This weekend dinner with Iranian friends. Who fled the country 30 years ago.


Plateau said...

"and imagine that some Muslem brothers from the USA are saying: adultery needs capital punishment."

If you're referring to the person who had a comment to which I replied in the post on my blog about Jafar Kiani, I want to clarity that I believe the person (the commentator) is an Anglo-American and a non-Muslim.

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

He must be a Christian fundamentalist?
Who wants whipped out adultery...
Although they are the experts in this...))

Plateau said...

My initial thoughts were that he was a fundamentalist Christian, especially since the forum is a conservative (not necon) site. However, I also think he was being provocative. But, based on the other discussions with him about the subject of adultery, in general and not related to Iran, as well as capital punishment in general, I think he holds certain extreme right of the centre views, in Christian terms. Although, he also said that he didn't really believe in capital punishment for adultery.... he backed off after a while... but if you read his comment posted on my blog, you can arrive at your own conclusions. However, what concerned me a bit was that although most in that forum disagreed with him and his stance, a few actually strongly agreed with him! So, it makes me ask the question: What is the difference between a "fundamentalist" Christian vs. a Muslim one? Well, apart from the fact that "fundamentalist" Christians and their clerics don't rule a country similar to Mullahs ruling Iran.

Hans said...

The answer is simple:
Fundamentalist like Bush have more militairy power.
Regarding Turkey: the fundamentalist are 'Ataturks' children like 'Khomeiny' childrens with the difference that the first preach 'we have internal and external enemies', while the the later see the 'World' as an enemy.