Sunday, July 29, 2007


I met a lot of people of Iran in the Netherlands, and one my best friends is from Iran actually. But I don't get it that Turkey created 'warm relations' with this regime which is, more or less, the same as the Nazi regime of Germany between 1933-1945.
But we, the world, are more civilized these days, or not? For sure Iran is not.
Below you will find a link on how in Iran they are 'hanging' their own people. Often without a decent trial.
It's a shocking clip, be aware!!

But Turkey is maybe the only country which can have influence on this 'Mullah' regime.
And are we calling the last 28 years of the Iranian 'top down' revolution genocide? Yes.
I watched this clip with tears in my eyes. But the crowd had fun, as you can hear. And it reminds me of the cheers when Devlet Bahçeli threw a rope during an election rally in the crowd, to hang the PKK leader Ocalan. So here we go:
Here...but be aware, it's shocking.


VLR said...

Hi Hans,

Yes, shocking indeed. No language has a proper word for this kind of horror.
But please, Hans, don’t compare it with Nazi Germany. You ‘r talking about comparisons then, and not about the actual gruesome facts. And it’s nót Germany, it’s Iran. I fully agree that repression mechanisms are the same in most dictatorships and that Iran is a particularly terrible one. People sometimes also compare Iran with Medieval times. But it’s not the Middle ages. It’s Iran today. As it is Darfur today. As it is Congo today. As it was Rwanda, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Liberia only recently. As it may still be Afghanistan (or Iraq). As it was not too long ago Bosnia in our own backyard.
Believe me I ‘m as angry as you are, and like Multatuli I agree that someone angry doesn’t care much for the form of his anger (although he surely did in his Max Havelaar). But there are no hangings with decent trials. And genocide? Well.. let me not mention that word in any context in or around Turkey. Let’s say committing homicide is bad enough for the criminal record of the Iranian regime.

But yes, it would be great if Turkey had the backbone to take a stance against its big neighbour about human rights. But that might be difficult with Turkey’s recent history of human rights?

And moreover, Turkey should accept quite a few refugees from Iran then. And don’t count on it that Western Europe will be forthcoming with means to help Turkey with that problem. It will only help Turkey keeping Iranian refugees out of the EU.

Well, let me stop here. I m probably too cynical now….


Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Dear Bertus,

Thank for the comment.

Regarding Iran, Dutch people don't know what is really going on there..((
There is a blog in Dutch by NRC representative in Tehran.

As a Turkish resident, I have to go to the Foreing policy on a regular base. The people who you will see there are mainly from Iraq and Iran...Turkey is doing a lot for them...
I took your blog out since I want it to be Dutch or, exeption one multi lingual in German english and Greek..))
Good to hear from you!

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

I want Enlish blogs, or at least, a bi lingual blog..)) But always English as one of the languages..