Thursday, June 14, 2007

Women rights in Turkey

Last week, my blog friend Erkan and I had a tough discussion with a pretty well educated Turkish girl, staunch Kemalist. According to her, women got less rights in Turkey under the current government. We argued that the opposite was true, and she became furious. If we both men were supporting the Sharia?! In the end, we put some facts of the European Stability Initiative (ESI) report on the table: Sex And Power In Turkey: Feminism, Islam and The Maturing of Turkish Democracy. Read it here.

Today, Mustafa Aykol, an Islamist Capitalist writer - see picture above, and a person I met a couple of times, wrote an excellent story about the myths of Kemalism. Read it here.

It's always a pleasure to read his stories. For sure one of the few independent thinking columnists in Turkey. Another one is Orhan Kemal CENGIZ.

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