Thursday, June 21, 2007

ING and Oyak, be Happy

The ING group bought yesterday Turkish Oyak bank. A Turkish friend of mine challenged me by saying: ING is German. Holy Cow, the Orange lion is our national symbol. Some other people were saying that this is bad for the Turkish national interest. I don't think ING won't sell it back to Turkish investors if they get some good net profits. But are there any?

These pictures are of ING headquarters in Amsterdam. Yes, the Netherlands is well-known for its architects, only of course among other architects and project developers around the world...

We call this organic architecture. Lots of space for the employees, green, light and water.

This building replaced the old headquarters in 2002. There are 120.000 people working for ING worldwide.

The entrance already gives a good impression of the interior, it looks friendly.

An open garden 'inside' the building!

The Berlage meeting room, where they planned the 'coup' in Turkey..)) The interior, in contrast with the exterior, is 'antique'.



quite some architecture in HQ :-))

mirdifderya said...

Of course, who doesn't know Orange Colour on everything is Dutch:)) Love to watch any Dutch Football, whole stadium looks Orange:)

The headquarters looks like a Caterpiller, looks amazing!

mirdifderya said...

Wrote the same thing in Ozlem's blog:

Good for ING, I do not know why Turkish media making a so big deal when Turkish banks or companies sold for foreign investors, don't we gain more out of this deal? Same as when Sheik Maktoum decided to build Twin Towers Istanbul or buying Acibadem Hospitals or Sama Dubai (Emaar) building huge villa/properties out skirt of istanbul and spending millions of dollars.

Instead of Turkish investors putting half of the money in their pocket they should invest not moan.

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

The only investors are the Sabanci and Koc families. They know what and how.
The rest, misery, and they can do so much...
But only looking at Russia because Turkish men 'love' them, is irrational and imprudcive