Monday, June 25, 2007

The curse of Turan

The Curse of Turan (Hungarian: Turáni átok) is a popular belief that Hungarians have been under the influence of a malicious spell for many centuries. The "curse" manifests itself as inner strife, pessimism, misfortune and several historic catastrophes. The first disaster was the invasion by the Mongols, and the second the invasion by the Ottomans, Battle of Mohács in 1526.
I heard about this from a Hungarian friend. There is also an expression in Hungary: 'What are the 4 worst things you can face: the Death, no house, no food and a Turk'. But never could verify this expression...


Emre Kizilkaya said...

Interesting. I haven't heard of "Turani atok" before. This expression might be true, because similar things can be found in any country like Turks have ever been (from Serbia to Algeria). Or even Italy, where they say "Mamma mia, vengono i Turchi" (Mother, Turks are coming).

However, most of Hungarians are extremely friendly for Turks (comparing to Serbians, for instance -I don't mean that all Serbians are hostile, I mean the majority, as I have Serbian friends too).

For instance, they might not be aware of this quasi-racist expression, but almost all of them repeat another one: "Zsebemben sok kicsi alma van."

Its Turkish version is so similar: "Cebimde cok kucuk elma var." It means "I have a little apple in my pocket."

This is just an example of similarity between Turkish languages. Grammar is almost the same.

And Hungarians -unlike many other ethnic groups- are not afraid of being relatives of Turks, as far as I observed. I know some of them and two of them are my close friends. We always say "cousins" to each other.

Moreover, Hungarian county lands (villages, etc) are also friendly for Turks, even though Turks occupied their lands for a long time.

Their friendly attitude can be easily seen from Turkish history pieces which are still standing there. All mosques and holy graves of Turkish saints are very well preserved.

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Hungarians are indeed friendly for Turks, but Hungary are friendly to everybody.
Romania is also possitive to Turks, so are many people in Greece. Also Turks in the Netherlands dont have a bad name.
It is how this country is governed for a long time what alienated Europe from the East Occident..))

mirdifderya said...

I still can't understand why Sarkozy still don't like Turkey though, as himself Hungarian orgin and his grandfather was Hungarian general and ect. if the Hungrarians are friendly to Turks, must be his french bit then!

I had couple of Hungarian friends as well food is very similar and people are very friendly and heard Budabest city is beautiful.

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Sarkozy wants to be more French than the French are, therefore he is so anti-Turk as you can be.
Probably he doesnt like his back ground, therefore he doest like foreigners at all...

mirdifderya said...

hehe:)) don't like people who forgets their roots so fast! I am sure what I feel makes a huge difference for him!:)

Mehmet said...

Here is what I know about Turani Atok:
Hungarians comprised of different tribes, mostly Turkic, like Onogur tribe which gave the country it's name in English, and Magyar tribe which gave the country it's name in Hungarian. They were shamanist, and using an alphabet similar to Gokturk alphabet until the year 1000. Because of the orthodox Byzantium presure from the east, and catholic pressure from the west, their king at that time, Saint Stephen, decided to convert his nation to christianity from Shamanism. Therefore, the last shamanist priests put a curse in Hungary for 1000 years. They say the curse was lifted when Hungary entered the EU.