Wednesday, May 02, 2007

How to address a Nation

Yes, it was the BBC which brought the news first that the Prime Minister of Turkey would address the nation at 20.15 local time on the 30th of April. The Turkish media were slower. Either they don’t have the equipment, or they lack the courage to bring Flash news.

With this I mean: news which is news worthy. No speculations. I see too often the ‘?’ sign above articles and comments. Which leads always to speculations. The first trap for the reader.

Anyway, I am a foreigner, and therefore suspicious, especially when I talk or write. But I don’t want to get mangled in Turkish politics. But I can assure you that the Turkish politicians from right to left, from conservative to liberal (are there any?), are the reasons that Turkish image vanished upon today; which makes life not easier for Turkish people when they want to go abroad for personal reasons, or, simply, to do business.

More later about my professional view regarding T.E. (no, not E.T) Erdogan's speech. And the opportunity of a Golden Goal, which he missed by the way...sleep well!

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