Friday, May 25, 2007

Totally numb

Was sick last week. A big flu, and since my immune system doesn't work well, took some time to recover.
In the meanwhile, didn't feel well at the same time. Mentally. So my doctor told me to take some anti-depressive. Which I never used even once in my life, since vit B (especially the vit B 6 and vit B 12) are more than helpful when you feel depressive. Anyway, in a weak moment, I told him, 'give me some'. Also since I sleep badly.
So I got my anti-depressive tablets, and after using it for 2 days, I feel completely numb.
Doctors in the Netherlands always warned me that Turkish doctors are subscribing medicines as cookies by the tea.
A good and smart diagnose would be more appreciated in the future. But that is sometimes impossible in Turkey.


Anonymously yours, said...

I can write endlessly about anit-depressants, having been on one for the past year or so. It has been said that B12 is also very helpful in combatting depression, as you have said. But I will say that the anti-depressant that I am on has not only been helpful to me, it has also helped me from killing others! It sounds like you may be on the wrong one.

Btw, they prescribe anti-depressants like it's candy in the NYC area which should come as no surprise. Almost everyone I know living in NYC is on something. The stress level around here is sky high!

B5 said...

Heard the same thing about the antibiotics. They say that Turkish doctors suggest them as candies. And what I see -actually- it is like that.

But, about -the smart and good diagnose-, I won't agree with you.
Trust me that you have got the best doctors there in Turkey.

Unfortunately there s not a lot of good hospitals. And you don't know how I feel sorry about that..

ps: Get well soon! :)

Bertus Pieters said...

Gezondheid Hans!
En pas op met de antidepressiva. Je kunt er knap depressief van worden.

Groet uit Den Haag,


Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

I simple stopped with it..))
BS, yes enough good docters who wanted to subscribe anti biotics for me, although I am allergic for it..))
Thanks Bertus!