Sunday, May 20, 2007

Miami living

Started this blog exactly 2 years after I moved from Miami to Istanbul. A big move! Loved the city of Miami for living and the healthy fresh air. Although I have some height fear, lived in this building on the 19th floor for 2 years with a spectacular view over the ocean.

Yes, and this was the swimming pool on the 5th floor. Just above the parking spots. On the other side there was a tennis court. Used the swimming pool daily. Only in the summer it was far too hot!

And what about the gym. Used it exactly one time in 2 years. Never used the indoor squash area either.

I made, in fact, hundreds of photos while living in Miami. Especially during road trips to Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, New York, Kansas and all in between since we traveled by car.


Anonymously yours, said...

How were you ever able to leave all of that behind!? I am going to South Beach next week for the first time. I understand that it's beautiful. I can't wait!

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

lived shortly in South California, Irvine and NYC and than Miami for 2 years.
Was enough American time Time for me..))