Sunday, April 29, 2007

The world rallies for Darfur, Istanbul for Ataturk

The rally in Istanbul. Many friends went there. I personally don't like this kind of 'nationalism', I am a European. I feel myself more European than Dutch. I understand the fear of many Turks about Islamic tendencies in the current government. But this country is a Muslim country, or am I wrong? The fear about the sharia is baseless, since this is absolutely not in line with the Acquis communautaire of the EU, to which the current government is committed, too. And regarding the EU, once you checked in you can never leave.
But demonstrations like this, confirm that the people became more mature in politics under the current government.

But Darfur is really a disaster zone. World wide protest and campaign to stop the violence there. And I wonder if the Turks are aware who started the genocide in this part of Sudan. The only thing I know is that they stopped at the UN a genocide exhibition related to Darfur, Sudan. I didn't see any protest about this today...


Anonymous said...

I have also European roots, but I live here in this Great City Istanbul. Our leader is Ataturk. We are His children. We are Republicans. We love our country yesterday, today and forever and ever.
If this country is muslim, what it should be after that? You think that this country should be managed by radical-terrorist Islamic minded people?
Remember, the religion for this country is ''Islam'', nothing anymore . However Turkish people are much more European-minded when compared to those people who think of theirselves as European.
To be Nationalist is a kind of greatest feeling!

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Personal, I don't like cults. And for sure I am not a child of ataturk.
Do I say that this country must be governed by radical Islam?
Sorry, but if I see all the flag waving, stay as Turkey. Never seen this in anay other European country where I lived. 8!
The EU is established to avoid nationalism. For sure you dont know this.

Anonymous said...

Yeap! Unfortunately your lines seem to be a sympatizan of this Gov't...why?
Sure, there is nothing to happen such an unpleasant event in the Europe! Why?
Rite now I ask again WHY these kinda unpleasant events are to happen in and around of Turkey?
I wam curious why Europe is in Heaven? Why? How peaceful, isn't it? It means you are too democratic? I do not think so.
Remember always but all-ways:
Turkey is secular and will remain secular!
Today the people over 5 million has already confirmed this again and again, even though Europe and USA seems unhappiest, hahahaaaaa...GAME IS OVER!
Cheers for Turkish Republic forever and ever.

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

In general I don't publish post of people who post anonym.

The unpleasant events in Turkey are suddue of propaganda.

Its up to the people of Turkey to be secular or not. Not to me.

I don't know about which game you are talking.

Yes, screamers get most of the attention. You showed that.