Monday, April 23, 2007

Children's day in Turkey and elsewhere

Just asked several Turkish friends if the Turkish Children's Day is unique in the world. All answered, yes. Without even thinking. Feel a little sorry for them since the first ICD (International Children's Day) was announced at the World Conference in Geneva, 1925!

While the UN and UNESCO changed this in 1954 to November the 20th, although many countries have another day. For example India, which chose the birthday of their first PM,
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the 14th of November as their Children's Day. Funny detail is that the 14th of November is exactly 9 months after the 14th of February, Valentin's Day of 2007. Also New Zealand has its own Te Rā O Te Tamariki on the 4th of March. Can make an endless list.

What disturbs me at the moment is that in Turkey they are misusing children on this day for political purposes. It's all about Ataturk: singing about him, dancing for him, reciting him etcetera. Or for Mohammed. Everything fine with me but as long as these two components of the Turkish society can not even leave their children celebrate in peace, on this particular day, they have to de-Ataturk the Turkish society since his words: 'You don't have to see me, but you have to understand me', is not for them.

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