Monday, March 12, 2007

Social Media

One week ago I read in one of the main Turkish newspapers that within 5 years all Turkish companies will have a blog. I don't think so.

More than one year ago I gave one prospect of mine, a company which is 'heavenly' dependent on online tools, to get a blog. They told me: 'No, maybe by the end of this decade we might need it'. And our former counter part agreed on this: it was too sky rocking for Turkey! How do they dare to say this?

I agree that on the
social media front, blogs are around though they seem to be used much for discussing news items and politics. And yes, people like to talk and chat in Turkey - think only about all the messages which are 'delivered' from cumba to cumba (balcony) - but that doesn't mean that social media - online tools - will not hit the scores in Turkey.
Therefore: for them who put a ban on YouTube last week: Get a
Second Life!

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