Friday, January 12, 2007

Turkish Image No 1.

This article is published in Turkish Weekly of January 13, 2007.

Branding of a country has become an important issue in the world of today. Whether we like it or not the globalization trend enforces countries to compete with each other.
Self supporting economies, which Turkey was until the beginning of the 1980’s, are an anachronism today. For those who still believe in that, look at Zimbabwe or North Korea and what it became.

Branding a country is not only for the attention, respect and trust of
investors, or for the hard valuation of the tourists, it must tell the story about a country which respects and gains developments throughout its social, political and economical decisions.

The image of a country is also made by the products which they sell abroad
Do we care about what these consumers think? Are they essential for our image? Yes. And are Turkish Vestel, Beko or Arcelik brand names in West Europe? No. In Poland? Maybe.

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Priyank said...

How did Turkey protect Europe from Communism ?

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Turkey was a stronghold against the Sovjet Russians: Bulgaria, Azerbedjian, Armenia, Georgia, all were part or of the USSR or were part of the Warschauw pact.
The USA was very active in Turkey. It keeped the balance between communism and captitalsm.